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We believe that there’s no greater wealth acquired than all that you learn in life through the likes of good & bad experiences, challenges, dedicated study and life long pursuit. The University of Life is centered around the sharing of these life lessons, experiences, strategies for success, hacks and wisdom. We want to share these with you. 


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Scotty McQueen

Tune Into Your Potential: Mind, Body & Intuition – 7th Dec

Jamie White

Growing Together, With Jamie White – 14th Dec

Sharon Keegan 

My Story – The Highs, The Lows & What I’ve Learned – 18th Dec

Fresh Resolutions 

Fresh Resolutions is our annual conference featuring our leaders in health and well-being to support attendees in their pursuit of a better year ahead. Whether you’re looking to enhance energy levels or increase productivity, searching for inspiration or just want to meet great like-minded people, this outstanding event is there to help make your year ahead, your year.